Nine-Coloured Deer  paint-to-order children's book 
order via " contact me "

The Lanscape collection  

The Black collection

Various creatures 

Book cover and signs

Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy

Paintings, various media
Guide price £20 per print via " contact me ".  Delighted to take individual requests,  please get in touch.

Contact me   to discuss orders for Nine-Coloured Deer, prints of paintings and photos.  

I would be delighted to do a painting, a piece of calligraphy or music at your request, something unique, just for you.  

The Princeling a novel
e-book order via Amazon. Second edition coming by Christmas 2017.  Print-to-order via "contact me"

TOME a timer locked case to help overcoming gadget addiction

Photography   various subjects £20 per print (guide price), order via "contact me"

Music  happy to discuss proposals / opportunities